To find out more details about pricing for a caricature your can check below and download.

For details on ordering group caricatures please drop us an email for a quote.

If you would like a quote on a caricature with more than 5 people please email us. For hand drawn and coloured orders please include £4 for package and postage. Digital images will be emailed to you so there are no extra costs for delivery.

Please allow 7 - 12 days for delivery.

Wedding  and Anniversary  Caricatures

 Have this special day imortalised as a cartoon you can treasure and enjoy for a long time.


This includes a choice of a beautiful or comical background, and text which may be a message or the couple's title.

The wedding and anniversary caricatures are available as digital and hand drawn images on A3 and A2 size cartridge paper.


A black and white A3  hand drawn will be £90 -  this will include special messages, and a background.

A2 in black and white will be £110.

A3 in full colour will be £100, again with special message and a background.

A2 in colour will be £120.

Please include £4 for package and postage.















     Baby caricatures

For babies ( 0 - 24 months) we charge a little less than the normal price.


A4    Black and white    Head and Shoulders   Full body   with background

        1  baby                £10                           £20         £30

        2  babies              £20                           £30         £40

        3  babies              £30                           £40         £50

        4  babies              £40                           £50         £60

        5  babies              £50                           £60         £70


A3    1  baby                £15                           £25          £35

        2  babies              £30                           £45          £55

        3  babies              £45                           £55          £65

        4  babies              £60                           £70          £80

        5  babies              £75                           £90          £100


If you would like a quote on a caricature with more than 5 babies please email us.

These prices included digital as well as hand drawn and coloured pictures.


 Birthday requests


For a special occasion like birthdays or a congratulations you can request a special theme.

Whether you would like a novelty background ( pirates, Alice in Wonderland, princess castle) or

you would like to be dressed up in character ( Super hero, racing car driver, adventurer) or even feature

a famous person in the picture ( singer, president, Hollywood actor) you can state this and your birthday name or message along with the picture in your order. 






















Commercial use


We can provide cartoons and caricatures for business purposes. A logo design, for example would be a great way

of showcasing a caricature and attracting attention and interest.

Caricatures are 8 times more likely to get your business noticed than text based logos and 17 times more likely to be remembered.

Entrepreneurs, business people, bloggers, vloggers, gamers, authors and more are seeking to have that special something to show and attract their business.

To order a caricature logo, avatar or cartoon for commercial use please email us for a quote. To give you a guestimation on price and the license fee see below.











For enquiries for a cartoon or caricature for any other use that has not been suggested please email us.

Please note that we do not produce art work for anything that is likely to offend or that is sexually explicit.

We do not produce art work that depicts horror or violence, offensive language or work that holds contentious meanings.




Candy Dolls

You've heard of the Bratz doll. We're offering the opportunity to be turned into a Candy Doll.

Choose an outfit, hair colour and even give your self a cool name and our artists can jazz up a great cartoonized doll of you or a loved one.

Candy dolls are only available in full colour  hand drawn and digitalised.


A4                                                                   A3

1 CANDY DOLL                 £40                         1 CANDY DOLL                     £50

2 CANDIES                       £50                         2 CANDIES                           £60

3 CANDIES                       £60                         3 CANDIES                           £70

4 CANDIES                       £70                         4 CANDIES                           £80

5 CANDIES                       £80                         5 CANDIES                           £90


For any enquiries or special requests please email us.



                           dO NOT USE THE Payment below