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Another novel idea for a gift is to have a hand crafted personalised tote bag.

Worked on by our dedicated artists you can have your caricature hand crafted and painted along with an option of a background and your name added.


As well as being a unique gift idea it can be worn to special occasions as well as being practical for everyday usage.

A personalised tote bag can make you stand out from the crowd while being the envy of your friends.

It doesn't need to be just for kids either.

Whether you are a parent, a student, a business owner, a fashionista, or just someone with a liking for quirkiness why not get a personalised tote bag to jazz up your bag collection.


You can come up with your own theme or use the examples for ideas.

Just like the caricature order we would need a clear head shot of the person's face as well as a detailed description

of how you would like the design on your bag.


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