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Please send a clear head shot of the person or persons you would like drawn.

These are examples of what type of photos NOT to send because of the bad quality.





















In order for us to get the person's face as accurately as possible we need the photos to be the clearest as possble.

That means up close, good lighting and good angle ( facing forward is best).




















Please give a detailed description of how you would like your picture to look. That means you should include the person's eye 

colour if it is not shown clearly in the photo, hair colour ( if the person's hair has changed) clothes and anything else that is

vital to the picture's finalised look.



If you would like a background included in your caricature this will be an extra £10. Please indicate what type of background you

would like along with the size of paper (A4 or A3) if hand drawn and include whether you would like a black and white or

colour caricature. Please check the price list for this information which will be very important for your final order charge.



If you need this order by a certain time frame please indicate this in your description otherwise delivery will take 7 - 12 days.



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