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Cartoon Candy Caricatures  was started by freelance  illustrator and cartoonist Mary Ibeh who has passion for art and animation and who has been drawing since she was a child.

Cartoon Candy Caricatures aims to provide amazing portraits as gifts with the option of hand drawn  /hand coloured  and digital cartoons for customers.

With our facial friendly and gimmicky style of art and our selection of themes and gift choices our caricatures are aimed to bring enjoyment and pleasure for our customers.  

Whether it be marking a special occasion, immortalising a moment in time or just some thing fun to have we can create amazing pictures for you.

Caricatures are ideal as unique gifts and keepsakes with each picture signed and dated and treated as bespoke art.

We also offer personalised tote bags where we print and paint caricatures and decorate each bag by hand.

There are plenty of reasons to order today and with our first class service and 100% satisfaction guarantee there is no better time to get your bite of the candy!


you can choose from hand drawn/hand coloured to digitally coloured!

We can create caricatures for any special occasion and on various sizes of first grade cartridge paper ranging from A4  to A2.
Once we receive your order details we will construct a sample of the picture, which will be a rough sketch, to send  to you for  your approval. Once you are happy with the picture our artist  would then create the final image with any other additionals before posting  the work to you first class.
We aim to keep all our customers happy so  prior changes and modifications are essential  to be made before creating the final image and posting.
This would  avoid  disappointment for  customers  who receive their picture  with little satisfaction as well as returns and refunds.
We love creating cartoons and caricatures  so  it is our absolute pleasure to  make sure that  every  order is  the best quality of art  for our customers.
While we are able to post you our hand drawn and coloured images we are only able to email our digital orders which you can then print off for your self.
The digital images are sent as high resolution JPEGS, PNGS, and PDFs at 300 dpi. We would also send you the rough sketches in this format via your email address.
Digital images are good if you need to print many copies and use the images on different things. For example a cartoon image can be used to print on a business card, a poster or a name badge.
Digital prints can be used for unique ideas like printing on invitations, paper bags and even greeting cards!
We would recommend our digital images for paper based items because of it's format however they can be used to print on some materials like fabric. 
If you need a specification on the size of your order espically if you need to print it on a large scale and retain a sharp quality you can include this in your instructions when you send your order.
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